What Makes A Great School Camp?

9 September, 2015

biking activity in an outdoor school camp

School camps have many benefits in providing outdoor education to students as it gives them the opportunity to make new friends, foster independence, build confidence and have fun but they may also feel anxious at the prospect of new situations and homesickness.

Beyond the Classroom understands the importance of making a school camp a positive experience for your child so here are some pointers of ‘What Makes A Great School Camp’.

Who should you book through

Making sure your children are away from home with a professional, knowledgeable and reputable company is vital. 

Beyond the Classroom works with a number of South Australian schools and we ensure all our instructors for outdoor activities are certified and trained in safety methods which is a necessity when children may be learning new skills or mastering how to use adventure equipment.

Ideal camp locations

Well-located camps makes travel planning easier for teachers and parents.

Our camps are based in the areas where you would usually do those activities such as kayaking in the Coorong National Park, mountain biking in the Flinders Ranges and adventure camps on Kangaroo Island, so you won’t be spending your important team-building time travelling on the road to the camp.

We can also come to your camp if you prefer to arrange that yourself and book us for an activity-based session only.

Great reasons to go on school camp

School camps build confidence, ignite creativity and problem-solving, stimulate a sense of adventure, encourage social interaction and team-building, and promote independence.

All of our camps incorporate one or more activities that will ensure your children or school group will receive these benefits from a coordinated and structured programme.

As a bonus our camps are interactive and fun and we use a range of activities to show how a great time can be had outdoors being active. School camps are a big part of growing up and we aim to create exciting adventures that will leave lasting childhood memories.

Ideal time of year for school camps

An expert company to use will have school camp options available year round.

Beyond the Classroom has a range of excellent outdoor education programmes in South Australia so whether your school group chooses to snorkel in the warmer months in Port Noarlunga, or go hiking and camp along the Heysen Trail when it cools down, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We also arrange snow camps to skifields in Victoria, New Zealand and Japan that are perfect for older-aged school groups.

If you have a school group and are wanting to discuss school camps options ranging from activities only to all-inclusive adventure camps, get in touch with us to arrange the perfect group camp.

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