Beach Games and Beach Olympics for School Groups

2-3 hours

Team Challenges

Up to 200

Throughout South Australia

On request

On request

all activities and facilitators


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Beyond the Classrooms 'Beach Olympics" are a lot of fun for all age groups.

The activity is perfect for a camp icebreaker on the first day.

The class is divided into "country teams" and they must compete in a series of challenges.

Challenges range from water conservation challenge, to team cheer, to beach races and more.

It is a fun, entertaining all inclusive activity for school groups on all types of camps.

How it works

Challenges are based on team work, communication, leadership and most importantly FUN!

Activities normally run at a beach where we operate surf lessons, with half the group competing in the challenges and the other half surfing, before swapping in the afternoon session.

Activities are a lot of fun for school groups, for more information please contact the Beyond the Classroom team.