Mountain Bike Camps for Schools

5+ days


Up to 60 students plus teachers

Flinders Ranges

As required

As required

As required


Flinders Ranges Mountain bike and trekking camps for schools are available from May to September.

Camps are generally 5 days including the drive up from Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges.

Beyond the Classroom offer these camping expeditions and they include camping equipment, bikes, transport and catering as required.

Students will build confidence, resilience and their sense of adventure as they sleep out in the wilderness, hike amazing tracks and ride bush trails.

How it works

Camps depart from Adelaide normally on a Monday morning.  We drive to the Flinders Ranges arriving late afternoon.

Students set up camp, get familiar with their surrounds and have a good night sleep ready for the following days adventure.  The following days are spent mountain biking, trekking and bushwalking.

Students must cook, set up thier tents and learn valuable skills that will last them a life time.

This camps is great for a range of year levels.