7 Fun Kayak Games for School Groups

19 August, 2015

Kayaking activity for schools

Teaching kayaking to school groups on camp is a great way to help students to improve their confidence, learn new skills, build their knowledge and to experience new things.

Here are a few fun games that you can use on your next school camp in Adelaide and Beyond.

1. Warm up - a great activity is putting the group into a circle and have them hold their paddles in an upright position. On your shout, have the group move 1 space to the left or right at random so they have to let go of the paddle and grab the next paddle along in the circle. This is a great way to get engagement, have the group warm up in a fun manner and get ready for the activity.

2. Rafting Up - On the water there are many great kayak games that can break up the kayak session. Try rafting up with your group, where all the kayaks are held together with the students holding each others paddles (be careful of fingers getting squashed in between the kayaks). From here there are a range of activities as follows.

3. Swap seats! - Have students swap their kayak and seat with someone else, having to walk across the raft.

4. Stand up - Have all participants stand up in their seats while rafted up together

5. Canoe Polo - Have the group throw a ball around and try to score a goal. This is great for improving skills quickly and is a lot of fun.

6. Circle Work - In kayaks have students turn in circles as quickly as possible, a great activity to improve skills.

7. Tag - Make someone it and that person has to chase other participants around and catch them. This improves paddle power and fitness.

All in all, there are so many school kayak programs and activities, so just get out there and enjoy being in nature!

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