Team Challenges and Problem Solving activities for schools

2 - 3 hours

Problem solving / Team Building

Up to 200

Anywhere in Australia

On request

On request

All activities, challenges and facilitators

Varies based on group size

Located at:

Team Challenges, are a series of Survivor-style challenges like the hit TV show and can be operated throughout South Australia. Great for groups of 16-100 students competing at the same time in tribes against each other.

Our Team Challenges activities incorporate problem-solving challenges based on the dysfunctions of a team. This promotes leadership, teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and more. The activities are a lot of fun, interactive, and a mixture of physical and mental puzzles and relays.

How it works

Team Challenges are a fantastic way to promote leadership skills, team work and other activity that students can utilise in their adult lives.

The team challenges will help students to thin creatively and work as a team.

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