Physical Education Surfing Skills Criteria for Schools

4 August, 2015

surf boards for hire during surf lessons

As we also offer fun school surf programs, we thought it might be interesting and useful to share some of the Physical Education Assessment Guidelines for surfing and body boarding. These are from the SACE Board 2013 - You can click on this link for more information:

The following are the specific skills that are assessed in school surfing.

Paddling Skills
Ability to consistently:
• Paddle effectively with sound technique

Wave Negotiation and Judgement
Ability to consistently:
• Anticipate and select correct wave, according to board type
• Employ a range of skills according to wave height, breaking nature of wave and depth of water
• Bail out, showing awareness of other surfers position
• React to changing circumstances e.g. winds and rips
• Negotiate route to take-off area, considering timing between sets and use of lull
• Avoid incoming riders
• Apply skills in deeper water
• Use landmarks to maintain position

Wave Riding
Ability to consistently:
• Accelerate maintain balance and position on wave
• Take off, using correct spring to feet
• Transfer weight to maintain balance
• Maintain speed and balance
• Execute forehand bottom turn on wave face, looking for position along wall
• Execute backhand bottom turn on wave face
• Execute forehand and backhand cutback

Single Surfer Rescue
Ability to consistently:
• Demonstrate control and care in approach, securing, return and landing of patient (assume patient is unconscious)
• Demonstrate fast, effective transit thorough surf zone
• Apply correct securing techniques
• Maintain correct board trim through surf
• Maintain full control of patient from waist deep water to the beach

Ability to consistently:
• Employ a range of strategies involving self, others and the environment

Ability to consistently:
• Maintain performance to demonstrate appropriate fitness level

Ability to consistently:
• Act independently to demonstrate initiative and improvement where appropriate (e.g. practice drills, games, equipment handling etc.)

Leadership / Initiation of tactics
Ability to consistently:
• Use tactics effectively in game situations to demonstrate leadership and understanding of game strategy
• Demonstrate leadership in a variety of situations

General Contribution
Ability to consistently:
• Perform specialist roles contributing to the morale and etiquette of the sport through appropriate communication
• Demonstrate determination and perseverance in all practical tasks
• Work collaboratively in various scenarios to improve individual and/or team performance

For more information, please ask our Surf Lessons South Australia team or check out the SACE website.

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