A year at Willow Creek

23 December, 2021

willow creek adventure camp

What an excellent and rewarding adventure it has been for us at Willow Creek Adventure Camp in the past 12 months! There was really no looking back the moment we started making repairs and improvements.

We've had a busy season of bookings and received lots of positive feedback.

Here’s a quick review of the year that was.

In December 2020, we just wrapped up the work to renovate our driveway.

By then, we had finished extensive repairs to the main buildings, which included repainting, refurbishing the floors, installing a new kitchen, and renovating the teachers’ cottage.

Then we focused our efforts on creating an outdoor education adventure camp that could offer guests a great variety of unforgettable and fun outdoor adventures. The first to be set up was orienteering courses with different levels of difficulty, a frame for a climbing/ropes challenge, and an artificial dam/lake for raft building and water challenges.

We had the best fun building a 5km mountain bike trail that went around the entire property. We also set up disc golf, giant checkers/chess, a volleyball net, and a bocce court. To cap it off, we recently completed a fire pit on Solitude Hill. But stay tuned as we still got some more adventures activities in store!

To everyone who has supported our camp, we thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you again in 2022. Have a happy new year and cheers to more adventures!



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