To the Classroom and Beyond

19 March, 2015

outdoor adventure activities beyond the classroom

To The Classroom And Beyond

The outdoors - something that we will never run out of! What if we can make use of the outdoors to inculcate more learning and camaraderie amongst students and teachers?  Much research had been made about education in the great outdoors and many had also proven the enormous benefits that this could bring.


Whether in a school field, at a farm or in natural reserves and private leisure parks, outdoor education offers a variety of activities. It provides a relaxing yet relevant and exciting experience for children, young adults, and teachers.


The health benefits of being in the outdoors cannot be left unnoticed. Teachers, on the other hand, gain confidence and become more enthusiastic in bringing knowledge and innovative ideas into their regular lessons.


Let’s Get To The Outdoors


Outdoor educational courses encourage practitioners to deliver their learning with a practical approach and become more open to new and additional knowledge that their peers, teachers, and the environment can bring.


Nature itself inspires anyone to be more investigative and explorative. They learn to observe many things in their natural habitat and the world as it is. If this can promote positive learning, why not incorporate the benefits of being in the outdoors with knowledge?


Imparting knowledge with a grass roots approach naturally motivates children, as well as older participants to explore what the world has to offer them. It brings them away from digital distractions and appreciates the world around them as they learn what they need to know in a practical approach.


Going “Beyond the Classroom” is truly an excellent way of teaching and instilling knowledge and camaraderie, as well as good health.


Going Beyond


Beyond the Classroom is a part of the Think Beyond Group. They provide outdoor learning opportunities that are safe, fun, engaging, and educational. Beyond the Classroom operates four specialised outdoor school camps within South Australia that focuses on environmental awareness and activities that are safe, entertaining, and unique.


Educating students Beyond the Classroom pushes them to their boundaries. Learning outside the classroom is a way of conveying knowledge and building their confidence in an outdoor environment. It naturally motivates them to learn and readily absorb the information.


Go biking with the Mountain Bike Tours or choose to learn how to surf, as well as Canoe the Coorong at the Kayaking Camps. Do snow trips with the Snow and Surf Travel Company all for your school groups!


Operating school camps at Goolwa, Port Elliot, Middleton, Victor Harbor, Port Noarlunga, Moana, and more in Fleurieu Peninsula, as well as Robe and Mt. Gambier of the Limestone Coast, give exemplary outdoor learning opportunities for both students and teachers. Innes Environmental Learning at the National Park and Corny Point of the Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and Monarto Zoo at Riverland is an amusing and at the same time enlightening.


Beyond the Classroom programs can facilitate outdoor informative activities, and learning can be done in other regions of your choice. So the next time you plan on giving more than just an education go Beyond the Classroom!

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