The World Is An Enormous Classroom

22 March, 2015

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The World Is An Enormous Classroom

“Gaining knowledge is not just confined within the four walls of the room because the whole world is a great big classroom.”


Many are now incorporating learning with activities that can be done outdoors. The outdoors present an excellent opportunity for practical teaching that naturally piques on the inquisitive and explorative mind of anyone exposed to nature. It presents an ever-growing opportunity for research, observation, and learning.


The significance of learning under the blue yonder presenting early experiences brings about environmental awareness and appreciation for what the world has to offer. It gives a wonderful opportunity for hands-on learning, as well as authentic experiences.


Getting To Know The Outdoors


Studies show that students who attend regular outdoor classes have shown improvement in their test scores, school attendance, and their overall attitude towards gaining knowledge. It clearly shows that outdoor learning positively affects the physical and interpersonal development of a child.


Some psychologists also say that being exposed to the outdoors alleviates the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in a natural way. Because of the camaraderie between students, ELL learners are given the opportunity to interact and practice the language through intelligent conversation as they learn.


These are just some of the psychological and social benefits that children, young adults, and even adults can get from learning in the outdoors. The health benefits are enormous! Being exposed to the sun naturally builds the immune system. This also encourages the exposure to fresh air that clears the lungs and gives healthy oxygen to the participant.


Bringing the whole class outside takes away boundaries and opens up new ideas, as well as presents the teacher’s lesson plans into the natural learning arena. As a mentor or teacher, employing simple responses to the children’s impressive nature, as well as spontaneous opportunities, could open up one door after another. Talking about science or social studies lessons outside the classroom can easily branch out to math, arts, or even language.


The spontaneity of life is a great way of exploring and teaching at the same time. It presents the children with knowledge that is readily and automatically absorbed through practical and actual learning.


Let’s Get Out


Beyond the Classroom believes that nature makes people happier and when people are happy, it is easier for them to absorb information faster and efficiently. What better way to bring education, awareness, and responsibility than in an environment that shows them the reality of life face to face.


Beyond the Classroom is the leading adventure tourism and outdoor education provider in South Australia. Ensuring that every outdoor activity presents a safe, fun, and unique educational experience, it focuses strongly on environmental awareness through activities.


Beyond the Classroom camps operate at Fleurieu Peninsula that includes Goolwa, Middleton, Port Elliot, Victor Harbor, Port Noarlunga, Moana, and more. There are camps at Robe and Mt. Gambier on the Limestone Coast.


Explore the nature and learn at the camps of Innes National Park and Corny Point at Yorke Peninsula or enjoy and interact at the Kangaroo Island and Riverland’s Monarto Zoo. Go Beyond the Classroom today!

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