Where to set up your tent

7 February, 2022

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Camping out in nature is one of the most enriching outdoor experiences you can have. No matter your age, whether you're alone or with a bunch of people, camping is great fun and a wonderful way to unwind and relax. Camping unfortunately can also become very uncomfortable over the simplest of things, such as not making a good decision on where to set up your tent.

Today we are going to give you our tips on what to look for and consider when deciding where to set up your tent.

Tip #1. When scouting for a great campsite, look for flat ground. Avoid areas that have rocks and outlying roots, especially in an area without established campsites. You can also brush away or remove loose rocks and sticks to create a flatter surface.

Tip #2 If the whole area is sloped our tip is to first select the area with the least gradient and then once your tent is pitched, rest your head on the upper level and have your feet pointing downhill. This will make for a more comfortable sleep.

Tip #3. Look at the surrounding vegetation, especially if camping among large trees. Eucalyptus trees are notorious for dropping limbs and could be potentially very dangerous. In saying that, there is nothing worse than a very hot tent in full sun, so you need to get the balance right.

Tip #4. Another natural element you want to consider is wind. Look for a sheltered position to set up your tent. Surrounding low-lying vegetation is a good choice or you if possible, can position your vehicle to create a windbreak. Always secure your tent well in case of strong winds.

Tip #5. Steer clear of dry river beds or river edges. The natural environment is unpredictable and the Australian Desert environment is especially well known for experiencing random flash flooding.

Tip #6. Have a good quality tarp to lay down underneath your tent. A tarp will provide an extra layer of protection to the floor of your tent and can make a big difference in keeping you dry when camping in wet weather.

Tip 7# Have an assortment of tent pegs to use for different soil types. There's a lot that is unpredictable about camping, so if you can allow for these things then you're more likely to have a successful camping trip. Pitching your tent into the rock-hard ground is going to require a very different type of tent peg to a campsite with soft sandy soils. Prepare yourself for both and this won't be a drama. Also, don't forget a hammer!

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