What is so special about Surf Groms?

24 August, 2022

whale watching

Surf Groms is a well-known nationwide development program for young surfers. Lessons are geared toward creating a supportive environment of learning that allows participants to develop confidence, and skills, and live the invigorating freedom of surfing.

At Surf and Sun, instructors consider techniques for learning which is not just about ingraining surfing skills to the child, but also participating in a really fun activity. Surf & Sun Surf Groms, our most in-demand program, are offered at Moana and Middleton beaches.

The surfing curriculum will cover all the points children need to surf safely in South Australia. Groms will not just get to go over beach safety, but they get provided with skills on how to avoid hazards in the surf, the steps for basic first aid, and how to “read” surf conditions from the shore.

Lessons last two hours each day, and programs typically last three to five days. By the end of the program, samples of skills that the student can demonstrate/explain are confidence out in the water, surf etiquette, surf safety, waves, catching waves, turning, standing up, rips, paddling, and more.

Only waist-depth water is used for Level 1 activities. This is sufficient for people still developing full capacity for swimming. This is good for those developing their fundamentals, techniques, and confidence before progressing up the skill ladder.

So when it comes to exciting, rewarding and challenging winter activities for young people, Surf and Sun Surf Groms are worth checking!


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