5 ideas to say goodbye to the winter blues

3 August, 2022

winter blues

In South Australia, our winter can sometimes feel like it's lasting a little too long and you can even start to suffer from the winter blues. At Beyond the Classroom, we are all about staying active and positive through the colder months.

Here's how we do it:

1) Stick to a healthy diet Think of food as fuel for your body. You need to be giving you body the freshest, highest quality food so that its runs well and you feel great. As tempting as high fat and sugar comfort foods are, they will not in the end make you feel good mentally or physically.

healthy diet

Kick the winter blues by choosing nutritious options such as soups, casseroles and roasts, and load in the dark leafy greens like kale or spinach. Of course, a sweet treats is fine, everything in moderation!
2) Outdoor physical activities and nature walks Unpleasant weather makes it easy to just say “it’s too cold for a walk/ go exercising”.  It really is challenging if your only free time is when you return home from work, and it is already dark.  So try to schedule some winter activities like walking at dawn or early morning. Another option would be arranging a biking date with your group or the family, say, at the Encounter Bikeway.  

bike riding

3) Manage screen time Most of us have a smart phone that spends more time than it should being looked at. Feel the benefits of putting it down and stepping outside!

Or why not use technology to your advantage and research some great outdoor experiences in your local area to inspire your next winter adventure. If you start compare your situation to how well others are doing on social media just think if the grass is greener on the other side, then its time to start watering your lawn!

4) Have access to natural or artificial lights Take time to get some natural sunlight. A SAD lamp helps too, in case your office or dwelling is too dark. A good amount of light can actually affect hormone levels for the better.
5) Have something to look forward to daily One effective tip to waking up positively is to have something to look forward to daily. Plan a new adventure, train for your favourite activity, stocktake your adventure equipment - all these give just the right amount of motivation to kick the winter blues.

winter activities

Or if you simply want a way to clear your head after a busy week, there’s usually a range of winter activities and events scheduled in your local area.
We hope this has helped motivate you to get moving, feeling better and say goodbye to the winter blues!


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