Seven Fun Surf Lesson Warm Ups for School Kids

20 July, 2015

surf lessons during a school camp

Surfing is a one of the must-do activities during a great school camp in South Australia that promotes school students to be active and it is great for engagement as it is a lot of fun and exciting.

Surfing is a lifestyle and when we run surf lessons for school groups we like to promote the healthy lifestyle of which surfing provides.

Warming up for all sports is important and school surfing lessons is no different. We have a few fun warm ups that work well so here they are we hope you find them useful:

1. A short jog on the beach to get the blood pumping.
2. Some basic stretching of the legs, calves, quads, hamstrings.
3. Try the snake and jump - jog along the beach, drop to your stomach and wiggle like a snake, jump into the air again and repeat, our coach Tom who is a school teacher came up with that one and it always gets a laugh!
4. Warm up the arms, shoulders and back by doing small circles with your arms and gradually making the larger. Then repeat in reverse. To break the ice then get people to warm up one arm forward and the other one backwards!
5. Get into the sprint starting position with one leg forward and one backwards, then jump and switch the positions of your legs repeating for around 30 seconds.
6. Do the downward dog yoga pose to stretch out your back and core.
7. Get in the water for a body surf!

If you really want to get a laugh - get everyone to make a sand schnitzel. If you don't know what that is just ask us!

Thanks to the team at for these useful tips!

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