Positive Workshops and Positive Education in Schools

22 April, 2015

teamwork in school camps

In 1998, an American Psychologist named Martin Seligman suggested that Psychology should turn toward building human strengths to complement the traditional "healing damage" methods.

He argued that Psychology neglected the positive side of life and that there may be a better way.

Positive Psychology is the study of human flourishing and its applied approach to optimal functioning. It has also been described as a study of strengths and virtues that enable individual, communities and organisations to thrive. It is grounded on the belief that people do want to live a meaningful life, a fulfilling life and the bring out their best by enhancing their experiences in love, play and work.

Schools have been fast embracing this positive approach to education and we think they are really focusing on the right thing.

To survive in the world beyond the classroom, we believe students need to learn teamwork, resilience, leadership, creativity, perseverance and to be able to identify and build on their character strengths.

Student's well-being and setting the leaders of the future up for success is at the forefront of every parents and teachers' thoughts. A strong understanding on ones strengths and a world rich in experiences will help a child to prepare for life after school.

On Beyond the Classroom's outdoor education and fun school camps from Adelaide, we have a range of excellent programs that focus on team building, leadership, creativity, problem solving and more. Activities such as kayaking the Murray on multi day expeditions teach resilience and perseverance and surf lessons at Middleton help students to overcome fear and build confidence.

In recent time, Beyond the Classroom has been working with a Master Trainer and we are proud to say that we are able to offer a range of well-being workshops to schools. These workshops are fantastic when paired with our outdoor education camps offering some in the classroom pre-camp activity before the students are taken beyond the classroom on their outdoor education camps.

Should you like further information on our camps and positive workshops, please contact our friendly team.

See you Beyond the Classroom,


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