The team at Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom have a great team!  We are often hiring new facilitators and instructors.  For an up to date list please contact the Beyond the Classroom office.

Managing Director

  • Luke Talbot-Male

General Manager - Operations

  • Gary Haworth

Office Manager

  • Viivi Coombe

Operations Coordinator

  • Kev Colla

Program Coordinator

  • Leilah Atkin

Office Coordinator

  • Meg Castle

Wellbeing / WHS Officer

  • Tanya Mitchell

Office Administrator

  • Maddy Adamson


  • Rachiel

Sales and Marketing

  • Mitch

Program Leaders

  • Jake, Jess, Ian, Rob, Nick, Kate, Chloe and more


  • Beyond the Classroom have a fantastic team of passionate facilitators, some of whom have been with the business for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on having some of the best facilitators in the industry, each with different skill sets and qualities.


  • Isa and her crew
  • Naomi, Kristy and team