Learn to surf this Summer holidays

3 January, 2022

learn to surf

The Summer holidays are here and there's no better time to learn to surf. Here are some helpful and handy tips to get you started on your surfing journey.

1 . Book yourself a surf lesson with Surf & Sun
From a glance, you may think surfing looks pretty simple, and it can be if you have an understanding of the skills required to stand up and ride a wave. Surf & Sun is a fully accredited surf school operating out of Middleton and Moana Beach in South Australia. The male and female surf coaches are all accredited professionals and keen surfers themselves. They love nothing better than teaching you the skills so that you will be riding waves in no time.

Another reason why it helps to be in a surf school is that you get expert advice on how to select the best surfboard to suit your size and style. You can even rent a board and wetsuit from Surf & Sun.

2. Once you've had a few lessons, gained your confidence, and feel ready to start heading out on your own, here's a list of things you'll need:

- Firstly you will need a surfboard and leash. As mentioned above, you can hire a soft board from Surf & Sun is it is an inexpensive way to practise skills as a beginner if you don't already own your own board. Surf & Sun also has a range of soft boards for sale. All their hire boards have leashes included and they also have leashes available for sale in their shop.

- Hat and zinc or waterproof sunscreen: no matter the weather, don't take your chances with sunburn or sunstroke. Even on cloudy days the ocean will reflect the sun's UV and cause you harm.

- Wetsuit: In South Australia, we highly recommend wearing a wetsuit all year round. We also tend to have the best swell through our cooler months so investing in a winter wettie is a great idea so the cold doesn't prevent you from enjoying surfing. You can also hire a wetsuit from Surf & Sun if you don't wish to purchase one.

3. Check the surf conditions. It's always a good idea to check the surf conditions on the day you plan to visit. it may still change from what is predicted but at least you have a better chance of getting a good ride. in saying that we are lucky with Middleton beach in South Australia that whilst you are a beginner there's usually always a wave to ride.

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